Grounded Properties Land Referral Policy

It is the firm desire and mission of Grounded Properties Land to make EVERYONE a landowner! To that end we have created a referral program to reward our existing customers for making that mission happen. The program overview is as follows:

  • Each current customer of Grounded Properties Land (GPL) has the opportunity to refer an unlimited number of new customers to land ownership with GPL.
  • For each new customer referred, the current customer who referred them will receive the lesser of one of the following credits: one month of property payment paid for by GPL (to include taxes, note fee and principal and interest portions of the payment) OR $250 towards their monthly property payment.
  • A new customer referred will be defined as someone who has completed the following three items
    1. Paid document fee and down payment to secure property for purchase
    2. Has paid in full or paid at least two months of principal payments towards purchase of the property
    3. Mentions the current customer name when purchasing the property
  • Credit towards monthly payment will only be applied after two months of property payments have been made on time by the current customer.

GPL reserves the right to update the Referral Policy without providing notice to new, current or past customers. GPL will do everything in its power to act in good faith on the Referral Policy in place when the new customer is referred by the current customer. For questions or clarification on this policy please use the Contact Us page.