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Land For Sale In Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina and more: All of our properties offer Owner Financing!

 Why do we make it easy for EVERYONE to buy land?

At Grounded Properties Land our Mission is to make EVERYONE a land owner. If you want to know why we have a passion for land just keep on reading……

Snow topped mountain in Ashe County, North Carolina

Land – the time proven investment. Throughout all of history, individuals have recognized the value of acquiring, using and passing land to the next generation.

Vacant land, raw land, empty land – there’s a reason why investors are still acquiring it today:

  • There’s a limit to land – (they are not making more land), unlike your favorite candy there will be no more land made!
  • You can afford to buy land – we offer owner finance so you can buy land TODAY!
  • Land has multiple uses – you can rent your land, build on it, split it up to resell and even hold on for future growth.

What others are saying after working with us:

“I’m so grateful for this company. The process was easy and only took a couple of days I’m very blessed to be paying on property.”

– Ephram, Happy Buyer in Ashe County, NC

“Karen and Chris answered all of my questions and did their best to help me find the perfect place. It was a fast and easy process with no loose ends.”

– Lee, Happy Buyer in Valencia County, NM

“Chris and Karen are absolutely phenomenal! The process is quick and worry free, and they provided as much information as they could, along with great photos of the property. I definitely recommend using Grounded Properties for your next purchase!”

-Marty, Happy Buyer in Ashe County, NC

Vanessa Shares How Easy it is to Purchase North Carolina Mountain Land with Grounded Properties Land
Buy Land for your Beehive just like Marty - NC Land for Sale
Hear what Marty’s experience has been working with us!
His Experience Buying Land in the North Carolina Mountains near the New River
Henry is a great customer and has had a great experience with his beautiful property.

We make land buying easy, here’s how:

Own easy to access owner finance land in NC

Step 1: Find a property.

We update our inventory each month with properties we have purchase directly from land sellers. If you want the best property, check back regularly and join our email list! (You can click HERE to do so).

Step 2: Pay the down payment and doc fee

This locks the property up for ONLY you. If you see a property you might want pay this first so no one else buys it. Remember we offer a 30-day money back on the down payment!

Step 3: Sales document creation

We’ll reach out with all the needed documents for you to buy with owner finance or for cash (discounts are available for cash buyers!). We offer easy to use and quick digital signatures through We usually send these documents within 23-47 hours from the time you select a property.

Step 4: Setting up monthly payments

If you chose owner finance we will set up your secure and automatic monthly payments using This software gives you access to all of your payment information and the opportunity to pay ahead with NO penalties ever!

Step 5: Enjoy being a land owner and tell your friends!

This is what you’ve been waiting for! Enjoy your land and tell your friends that Grounded Properties Land made you a landowner! We have an amazing referral policy, check it out HERE

See Our Discount Area Lots and Land For Sale - FREE!

Non MLS vacant and bare land, list is continually updated.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

If you want the best asset on earth then now is the time to buy raw land, lots, vacant land, and empty land – whether for camping, weekend use, a cabin or for a long term hold, there has never been a better time to buy land in Arizona, New Mexico, or North Carolina as an investment.

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